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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Book Review: Brooding YA Hero By Carrie Ann DiRisio

Brooding YA Hero:
Becoming A Main Character
(Almost) As Awesome As Me
By Carrie Ann DiRisio

Have you ever wished you could receive a little guidance from your favorite book boyfriend? Ever dreamed of being the Chosen One in a YA novel? Want to know all the secrets of surviving the dreaded plot twist?

Or maybe you're just really confused about what "opal-tinted, luminous cerulean orbs" actually are?

Well, popular Twitter personality @broodingYAhero is here to help as he tackles the final frontier in his media dominance: writing a book. Join Broody McHottiepants as he attempts to pen Brooding YA Hero: Becoming a Main Character (Almost) as Awesome as Me, a "self-help" guide (with activities--you always need activities) that lovingly pokes fun at the YA tropes that we roll our eyes at, but secretly love.

As his nefarious ex, Blondie DeMeani, attempts to thwart him at every turn, Broody overcomes to detail, among other topics, how to choose your genre, how to keep your love interest engaged (while maintaining lead character status), his secret formula for guaranteed love triangle success, and how to make sure you secure that sequel, all while keeping his hair perfectly coiffed and never breaking a sweat.
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My Review:

This book is just my kind of humor. I loved everything about the story and the somewhat of a character arc that was sneakily inserted every now and then. It was a cute read with some stern talking-tos in between.

Broody is so full of himself and it's strangely endearing. He's very up in his head all the time and seems to think that things never change/evolve. I liked how Blondie would derail him in some very important aspects.

Blondie made me rethink every single evil ex-girlfriend character I've ever read about. She made very good points about women's roles in books always (most of the times) being dependent on the hero and his actions. She also mentioned how minorities are underrepresented in main character roles and as authors. It's a good thing the bookish world is evolving, it'll slowly and surely get there.

The ending was cute. It wasn't what I was expecting, but it did leave me feeling accomplished for some reason. I would love for this to be a series of some kind. Maybe the next novel could be about life lessons with Blondie as the "narrator"/main character?

Favorite Quotes:

"All authors are powerful, godlike beings, who are capable of doing horrible things to characters."

"You're always a main character, remember? Ignore anyone, and any story, that doesn't make you feel like one."

"The route clearly symbolizes how there is no straight path through the future."

My Rating:

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Five TV Shows That Left Me Hanging

Hiya My Little Predators!!

Welcome back to:
A weekly feature created By The Broke And The Bookish
Currently featured on That Artsy Reader Girl

I'm choosing to believe that I'm not starting off on the wrong foot with one of the first topics of the year being something I don't participate in. Resolutions to me are rules that will ultimately get broken, especially if I make myself accountable to a list. I've learned that, for me, those "obligations" do more bad than good. So Let's start off the year talking about my second love: TV Shows!

This Week's Topic:
Top Five TV Shows That Left Me Hanging

1. Kyle XY (2006 - 2009)
A Seattle family takes in an amnesiac teen (Dallas), whom they eventually learn has mysterious powers and psychic abilities, the result of a secret human cloning experiment conducted years earlier. The family helps teach Kyle human behaviors such as anger, joy and love, and guards him against forces who seek to use Kyle for their own nefarious purposes.
This series was the first time I experienced this phenomenon. I remember wanting to watch this series for the longest time. I made the mistake of not looking it up before I started watching it. Keep in mind that I got to this series years after it had been canceled. I was so invested in Kyle's story and there was a specific song the series aired that became a favorite of mine for such a long time. I got too invested in the story. This series left me scarred.

2. Secret Circle (2011)
16-year-old Cassie moves from California to live with her grandmother in Chance Harbor, Washington, and falls in love with a mysterious boy named Adam. But, when she enrolls in high school there, she realizes that he, she and all the other elite students at the school are witches. She befriends their leader, Diana, but soon discovers that Adam and Diana are dating, which leads to drama.
I never read the books, but when this aired I had read and loved the Vampire Diaries books by the same author. So I ended up watching it and loving it. This darned series ended in the most mystery ladened cliffhanger I had ever seen (second only to Kyle XY by this point). It pulled me in so thoroughly but ended up hanging me out to dry because a second season was never approved.

3. The Tomorrow People (2013)
The story of several young people from around the world who represent the next stage in human evolution, possessing special powers, including the ability to teleport and communicate with each other telepathically. Together they work to defeat the forces of evil.
I have mixed feelings about this series. I remember loving how it started and how it built up to the cliffhanger, but there were lulls in between. In any case, I was still invested in the story and a few of the characters, especially Luke Mitchell ♡ and I was let down because I'll never know what happens next.

4. Star-Crossed (2014)
What starts out as a star crossed lovers story gradually changes focus to explore moral conflicts with integration and racism Both humans and aliens feel like they are the superior race so they fight each other to try to achieve the most power. The seven aliens and their families help each other out and take great risks to ensure their survival.
This was the first series that I watched that kind of reminded me of the types of books I usually pick up. AKA: Human falls for a paranormal being and because of X, Y and Z circumstances can't be together. The story was fascinating, but I'm guessing there just wasn't enough of an audience for that type of story for this to be successful on TV. It's a good thing my mind has blocked out its cliffhanger ending.

5. Revolution (2012 - 2014)
Our entire way of life depends on electricity. So what would happen if it just stopped working? Well, one day, like a switch turned off, the world is suddenly thrust back into the dark ages. Planes fall from the sky, hospitals shut down, and communication is impossible. And without any modern technology, who can tell us why? Now, 15 years later, life is back to what it once was long before the industrial revolution: families living in quiet cul-de-sacs, and when the sun goes down lanterns and candles are lit. Life is slower and sweeter. Or is it?
This series was good and infuriating in so many ways. All of which I remember feeling, but can't explain because I don't remember much about it at this point. I liked the apocalyptic universe this series created when humans lost electricity in general, but when it lulled it got bad.

Have you been scarred in any way from cliffhangers in TV shows?
Let's discuss the damage in the comments below!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Book Look #199: Princess Of Tyrone By Katie Hamstead

Hiya My Little Predators!!

Hope you enjoy!! C:

Book Looks was created by @Jen and Books and Other Happy Ever Afters.

This Week:
Princess Of Tyrone By Katie Hamstead

Book Look: Princess of Tyrone By Katie Hamstead
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Friday, January 12, 2018

My Ramblings: Five Steps On How NOT To Write A Book Review

Five Steps On
How NOT To Write A Book Review

1. Don't tell yourself you'll check all the social medias before you write it;

2. Don't open up Youtube to check if there's anything new and get lost in there for a few hours;

3. Don't open up a blank document and procrastinate your ideas for the review away;

4. Don't say you'll "get back to it later" and forget about it altogether;

5. Don't wait until the last minute on a holiday that you know you'll be busy with all the things to write said review;

I'm guilty of all of these and so much more!
Have you committed any of these acts?
Let me know in the comments below!

Release Day Blitz: Messy Love By By Stephanie Witter

Messy Love
By Stephanie Witter

Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
It was messy.

It was raw.

It was love.


The first time I laid eyes on Wyatt Burton was outside of my biological mother's house. Abandoning me twenty years ago, I never knew that meeting her would change my life so completely. In fact, there were many things that I never expected that day, but there were a few things I knew for sure. Nothing would ever be the same--not even me. And it was all about to get very MESSY.


Marissa Thornton deserved so much. She was beautiful beyond reason and never took my shit. She drew me in while driving out the worst in me. But when she let me in, trusted me completely, I thought I could finally let down my guard and find true happiness. I was wrong. Dead wrong, about myself, about her, and most importantly about the binds of LOVE.
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About the Author:
Stephanie Witter, in her twenties, comes up with book ideas on her laptop, notebook or phone. When she's not writing the day away, she likes visiting museums or shopping to add another nail polish to her already huge collection. She's also unable to resist the appeal of new books, even when she knows she can't possibly have the time to read yet another one. She's happy to have a to-read pile so high she can never put a dent into it even if she tries her best.
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